Museum of Polish vodka!

The newest attraction in Warsaw is the newly opened Polish Vodka Museum. The inauguration of the museum is being highly anticipated and with a lot of luggage throughout the population.

The museum is located in the buildings of the complex that has been revitalized and where there really was a vodka factory, which began to work with the final construction of the neo-gothic style buildings in 1897 and had its production finished in 2007. During all these years the production of the series featured a small series in World War II. In the mall shopping is not possible, but there are no more than 50,000 square meters, where before there was a factory, restaurants, bars, apartments, events, hotels and even the Warsaw campus in the Google Space. At the end of the revitalization, it will certainly be an important cultural point of the city.

Polish vodka is undoubtedly a national heritage and plays a very important role in the culture of that country. The museum takes us to know the 500 year history of vodka. We began by knowing the process of distillation in Polish lands in the second half of the fifteenth century.

We have found that not all vodka can be called "Polish vodka". To be authentic Polish vodka, it must be manufactured from ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin and for this purpose one of the five types of cereals (wheat, barley, rye, wheat or triticale) or potatoes are used. In addition, all raw material must be Polish and all production must take place within the country.

Then we move to a room where on the wall is displayed a Pistorius device all lit up and an animation shows us how it works. 200 years ago his invention was a great milestone for the distillation, because thanks to this apparatus it was possible to obtain 85% of alcohol at one time.

We learned that vodka really fell into the taste of Poles in the seventeenth century and that everyone consumed, from the peasants to the tycoons and kings. In the exhibition a room recreates elements of a house of the Polish nobility of the eighteenth century, which show us interesting facts about drinking vodka in Poland from yesteryear.

At the museum we also learn where the Polish vodka was exported, how it gained its worldwide fame and what roles it played in the politics and history of the country. One of the parts that caught my attention is the room where several old bottles of vodka are gathered. All the exposed bottles have never been opened and the oldest is from the 40s. In this part we can see how alcohol evaporates over time, even with the sealed bottles, the change in the aesthetics of the bottles, unlike the bottles that went for export and those inside the country, bottles signed by important architects and bottles of flavored vodka that are only manufactured for certain countries.

We ended our visit at the Akademii Wódki Bar (Vodka Academy Bar) with a tasting of three types of Polish vodka. The specialist there is describing the flavors and the difference between each of them.

I visited the museum two months after its inauguration and found it fantastic, super modern and interactive. The entrance fee is 40PLN, which is well above what we are accustomed here in Warsaw, but the tour is guided by a group of 25 people. Guided tours can be in English, too.

The museum also offers 3 types of workshops: Cocktails with Polish vodka, Foodpairing and History of Polish Vodka with a complex tasting. The museum is open from Sunday to Thursday, from 10 am to 8 pm; Friday and Saturday from 11am to 9pm.

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